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I would really like to work at GSC. Is that possible?

We are growing fast, so we are constantly looking for people who are the right fit and have the Green Soap Company DNA. Not everyone is right for us, we have learned. Our company requires a specific type of person, in which mentality is perhaps even more important than diplomas. Curious if you have the Green Soap Company DNA? Find out here.

I would like to do an internship at GSC. Is that possible?

Green Soap Company is a unique environment for graduates to deepen their studies in practice through research or projects aimed at developing our brands, products and/or organization. No beaten paths, but innovation as it is intended. No fetching coffee or sorting mail, but bringing added value as an intern. Sounds good? Find out here whether an internship at Green Soap Company is something for you.

How can I become a brand partner of GSC?

You can't improve the world on your own. That is why the Green Soap Company is always looking for partners with whom we can do this together. Discover here with which partners we already work and which possibilities we see for working together.

I want to start my own sustainable brand. Can I learn how to do that from you?

We always enjoy helping other brands and starting entrepreneurs. For us, these are not competitors but “brothers in arms”. The more parties committed to sustainability, the more impact we can make. Feel free to send us a message via the contact page.

Can I sell your products?

Do you want to participate in realizing our mission: not only a clean house for our children today, but also a cleaner world for our children in the future? Then become a retail partner with our products and sit directly in the front carriage of the train that makes the world sustainable! On this page you can read how you can become a retail partner.

I have some ideas for a new product. Are you interested?

We are bursting with ideas, but of course we are always curious about more! Feel free to send an email to and she will look at it together with you.

How can I become part of your supply chain?

We are growing fast and constantly innovating our products to become more sustainable and more impactful. As a supplier, do you think you can help us achieve our sustainable mission? Send an email to

What is your standpoint on the use of plastic?

We are not against plastic, but we are against plastic waste. We say there is no such thing as waste. Plastic is a great material for packaging products, but use used plastic if you can and make sure you dispose of it properly with the plastic waste when you have used it. This creates a stream of recycled plastic that allows us to use the same plastic time and time again.

What is your standpoint on the use of palm oil?

Too much palm oil is used in the world. Palm oil is also a popular and widely used ingredient for soap. But palm oil is not necessary for everything. That is why we are looking for alternatives to this ingredient. This has already been achieved for a number of our products. We recently launched the first liquid palm oil-free detergent in the Netherlands. You can read all about it here.

What are the brands of GSC?

Green Soap Company is synonymous with several brands. We are the organisation behind a number of sustainable brands that are helping to accomplish our mission. They each have their own brand identity and positioning, which ensures that they have their own place in the market for a specific group of fans. After all, not every group of consumers has the same profile and needs. Our brands demonstrate that we not only understand this, but also work to meet those needs. On this page you can read more about our brands.

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