We accomplish our mission primarily by connecting people

A value-driven organisation such as ours hinges on connecting our company with like-minded people, but also on linking those like-minded people with each other. Because when people who are willing to move in the same direction want to connect, great things can happen.

Green Soap Company: our community

We bring entrepreneurs and consumers together through online platforms. On our Linked-In page, you can not only meet like-minded people, but also gain or share knowledge to help nudge the world in the right direction. There are discussions and events in which you can participate or you can listen to a presentation given by an expert. We believe that connecting and sharing leads to better things. Can we expect to see you in our community?

Ask your question!

At GSC, we love questions. Because we believe that curiosity is essential for progress. So just type in what you want to know and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.