Working at GSC

Have you got the Green Soap Company DNA?

Are you keen to sit in the front carriage of the train that is helping to make our world sustainable? Then maybe Green Soap Company is the place where your ambitions match ours! We are growing fast, so we are constantly looking for people who are a good fit for us and who have the Green Soap Company DNA. After all, not everyone is a good match for us, as we have learned. Our company requires a specific type of person, where mentality is perhaps even more important than qualifications.

This is what the DNA of the Green Soap Company looks like:

If we try to qualify it, the type of colleague we are looking for and who fits in with us looks more or less like this:


  • A self-starter: you do not wait, but take the initiative. It is okay to make mistakes with us.
  • You are of the ‘enough talk, let’s get to work!’ mindset.
  • Achieving results and being successful is important to you, that’s why you do it!
  • You have affinity with our mission: a clean house for our children today, but also a cleaner world for our children in the future.
  • You are an innovator and like to walk outside the well-trodden paths.
  • Above all, you are a Changemaker: you can cope with change, since every day is different at Green Soap Company. This change must be made by you, however, not by standing on the sidelines watching others create it, but by shaping the change yourself.

Green Soap Company is looking for:

Specifically, we are looking for HBO/WO (university of applied sciences, science university) graduates in the following areas:


  • Online marketing
  • Trade marketing
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain
  • Product development


Did you graduate with another degree and do you have the profile of the Changemaker that we are looking for? Then please send your CV with a cover letter to:

Ask your question!

At GSC, we love questions. Because we believe that curiosity is essential for progress. So just type in what you want to know and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.