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Green Soap Company: a place that cherishes sustainable brands

Green Soap Company is synonymous with several brands. We are the organisation behind a number of sustainable brands that are helping to accomplish our mission. They each have their own brand identity and positioning, which ensures that they have their own place in the market for a specific group of fans. After all, not every group of consumers has the same profile and needs. Our brands demonstrate that we not only understand this, but also work to meet those needs.

The brand identity of our Green Soap Company corporate brand

Our brands are all sustainable and cater to an important consumer need. Each brand focuses on a different need. That way, we serve the whole market and bring everyone on board. Green Soap Company is aimed at the light green consumer. If we win them over, we will create the biggest movement and make the market more sustainable. The light green consumer is the mainstream consumer. These are consumers who consider sustainability important, but who do not regard it as their number one priority. A product must above all work well for them, be user-friendly and/or affordable. The fact that it also turns out to be sustainable makes the product extra attractive. Our products score so highly on sustainability that they also attract a lot of dark-green consumers. Yet they are not our focus target group.

Onze waarden en persoonlijkheid

The values and personality of Green Soap Company: total transparency, trailblazer, nature lover, outspoken, infectious, always striving for better/more sustainable.


  • We continuously improve ourselves with the help of new knowledge and technology and we are becoming more sustainable, more professional, faster and more innovative
  • We work with a flexible team (sourcing, transport and storage are all external) so we can scale up quickly and avoid tying up capital in fixed assets
  • Our team is a mix of purpose and profit
  • We are financially independent from donors or lenders and therefore do not have to make any concessions to achieve our goals
  • We share our knowledge with everyone: from suppliers to customers to competitors. So that sustainability is achieved as quickly and widely as possible
  • Our profits are for the most part reinvested in the company so that we can make an even greater impact
  • We quantify our results primarily in terms of our contribution to changing the market


We have no competitors. This is because we do not want to conquer the market, but to change it. Everyone is welcome to come by and take a look and join us in our efforts. We encourage it even. Of course, we do play the game with the other brands on the shelves. In order to reach the mainstream consumer, we need to stand out from the marketing onslaught of the major brands. That is why we are professional, innovative and fast. And occasionally, we provoke the big brands a little bit. On subjects that we find important. We don’t do it in a fanatical or aggressive way, but are driven by the need to get them on board.

The Green Soap Company brands

At present, we have two product brands for different groups of fans:

Marcel’s Green Soap

Aimed at the light green consumer: people who think it is important to take good care of the planet, but who are not overly strict with themselves. Buyers and users of detergents and cleaning products are (still) mainly women, however, men appreciate Marcel’s Green Soap products just as much.

The values and personality of Marcel’s Green Soap: mad about nature, infectious, relatable, always striving for better, will make you laugh.


  • The products are 100% vegan and the packaging is made of 100% recycled plastic.
  • We are always coming up with and implementing new ways to make our brand and therefore the market even more natural (e.g. plastic-free packaging, palm oil-free).
  • People who use it are waxing lyrical about it: due to the fragrance, how well the products work, or simply because Marcel’s Green Soap makes them feel good.


Marcel’s Green Soap has no competitors. Every brand, every company, every individual can become part of the feel*good*cleaning movement. We encourage it even. Join us and feel good. Would you like to know more about the Marcel’s Green Soap brand? Then check out the website www.marcelsgreensoap.com 


The iconic Driehoek brand has been part of the Green Soap Company family since 2017. The 120-year-old Driehoek company was, for a long time, focused primarily on more traditional women over the age of 50, longtime users of the brand. They inherited that from their mothers. The aim is to also win over modern women above the age of 20 to the brand. They lead a conscious lifestyle and are not yet acquainted with the brand and the products of Driehoek. Above all, Driehoek is a helper who cleans safely, thoroughly and naturally. Driehoek is:


  • Potent, because it is made from pure, natural soap

  • Natural, because its powerful natural formula can handle all types of stains.

  • Safe, because it contains only natural ingredients. And because it not only cleans, but also protects natural materials such as wood and stone.


These properties are what make experts recommend the product to you. Consequently, your mother, the furniture salesperson or the flooring expert will all recommend that you use Driehoek. In addition, Driehoek is an iconic brand and incredibly authentic. Many consumers have trusted this brand for years and are proud ambassadors of the brand. Check out the website www.driehoek.nl for all the products and handy tips.

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