The organisation of the Green Soap Company

Green Soap Company has a flat organisation with ample freedom for people to develop themselves so that they can help us accomplish our mission. Obviously, we also need to work just like everyone else to achieve the goals we have set and to tackle the issues that face us. You can see two key anchor points across our organisation. In the way we select suppliers, to the way we approach our customers.

Thought leadership instead of market leadership

We favour Thought Leadership over Market Leadership. We do not want to be the biggest, but we do want to make the most impact. We think it is important that, at the end of each year, we can say we’ve influenced parties in the areas of palm oil, recycled plastic or the use of parabens. Of course we have to make money to pay the bills and to be able to develop ourselves and grow. Although having an influence not only on a clean house for our children today, but also on a cleaner world for our children in the future. That is what drives us.

Open Source: sharing, sharing, sharing

We believe in sharing information with suppliers, customers and competitors. All conceivable kinds of stakeholders can be given information on how to do or solve certain issues. Why? Because that is the way to accomplish our mission as soon as possible. Some examples of how this works:

Recycled plastic

We started using packaging made from 100% recycled plastic five years ago. Now other brands are starting to copy us. And rightly so, because the plastic soup and microplastics in the water and soil are now among the biggest challenges worldwide.

The light green and dark green consumer

We distinguish consumers within the soap market as being either dark green or light green. Dark green people are the target group that has always chosen the organic specialist shop. They form the group that you used to call the sandal-wearing target group. This group is quite stable and does not grow very much. Light green people buy their organic products in the ‘ordinary supermarket’. This target group is responsible for the sales growth of organic products.


Green Soap Company noticed that there seemed to be a mismatch between the light green consumer and the ‘grey’ assortment. Until now, there were mainly dark-green brands that did not correspond to the needs of the much larger, light-green consumer groups. They were often too expensive, they didn’t smell very nice and they didn’t always wash very well either. Our mindset: give the light-green consumer products that are reasonably priced, smell good and wash well.

Ask your question!

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