Our supply chain and Open Source

Green Soap Company: Thought Leadership through giving and receiving

Green Soap Company works from the Open Source principle. We want to be Thought Leaders, but at the same time we know that we do not have all the answers and that we have to keep on learning in order to stay focused. We believe that when you share knowledge, it becomes more profound through the feedback and insights of others. That is Open Source. What’s more, we believe that if you give, you will also gain. Open Source works both ways for us. Which is why we are open to all conceivable questions from any party when it comes to our products, our processes or our suppliers.

Our supply chain and Open Source

A lot of people tell us that we should integrate manufacturing facilities into our business. After all, it would yield a profit margin. And yet we don’t do this. We do not tie up assets in bricks and mortar, but invest primarily in the development of our products and brands. Manufacturing is not our business, we feel. We are currently working with nine different factories that can make several different things. The way our supply chain is set up makes us much more flexible than having our own factories. The only thing we are sacrificing is a bit of the profit margin. At the same time, we inspire and motivate the factories we work with to become more sustainable. For instance, we get factories to work with recycled plastic, something they might not have done otherwise. They are also actively contributing to achieving our mission by doing this.

Working with Green Soap Company: a huge bonus for suppliers

Being part of our supply chain and our open source mentality signifies a huge bonus for suppliers After all, Green Soap Company is at the forefront when it comes to sustainability. Suppliers learn new formulas and are introduced to new technology, which they can also offer to other customers. Today, working as a supplier with the Green Soap Company means being ahead of the game. Joining three years from now means joining the back of the queue.


If you have any questions about the products, our processes, our approach to open source or our suppliers, or if you would like to become a supplier for the Green Soap Company, please send an email to info@greensoapcompany.com

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