Internship at Green Soap Company

No fetching coffee or sorting mail, but bringing added value as an intern

Green Soap Company is a unique environment for graduates where they can expand on their studies in real-life practice by doing research or projects aimed at developing our brands, products and/or organisation. No beaten path, but innovation as it is meant to be. No fetching coffee or sorting the mail, but doing things that add real value to Green Soap Company and to your own personal development.

Green Soap Company is looking for interns

If we try to qualify the type of intern that we are looking for and that will fit in with us, it looks something like this:


  • A self-starter: as an intern, you do not wait, but you take the initiative. It is okay to make mistakes with us
  • You are of the ‘enough talk, let’s get to work!’ mindset
  • Achieving results and being successful is important to you, that’s why you do it!
  • You have affinity with our mission: a clean house for our children today, but also a cleaner world for our children in the future
  • You are an innovator and like to walk outside the well-trodden paths
  • Above all, you are a Changemaker: you can cope with change, since every day is different at Green Soap Company. This change must be made by you, however, not by standing on the sidelines watching others create it, but by shaping the change yourself

Internship at Green Soap Company: autonomy and graduates

At a lot of organisations, being an intern is literally tagging along with someone. This is different at our company. If you do an internship at the Green Soap Company, you work independently for 80% of the time. That places high demands on your ability to work independently and self-reliance as an intern. Precisely because of this, we have learned that only graduates at a higher vocational education (HBO/WO) level, who are willing to do an internship, fit in with us. And we with them. Deeper insights in the form of their reports provide us with input that further reinforces our Thought Leadership.

Internships at Green Soap Company: focus areas

Areas in which we regularly have places for people to do internships:


  • Marketing, on- and offline
  • Product development
  • Supply Chain
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Editorial and webcare


If you are someone like this, then please send your idea for a graduation project to and we will see if we have a nice spot that is suitable for you.

Ask your question!

At GSC, we love questions. Because we believe that curiosity is essential for progress. So just type in what you want to know and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.